Printmaking in Venice

Tuesday, March 3

We arrived at the Scuola today to learn that our workshop was cancelled again. The government decided overnight that schools would remain closed for another week. We were sad and disappointed but understand the precautions they are taking. Our hearts go out to the Scuola and the people of Venice. They are really suffering from all the cancellations. In a crisis people normally band together for support. During this one, they are told to stay away from one another. This makes the whole experience more lonely and depressing.

Artists in Residence still are allowed to use the facilities at the Scuola, so we spent part of our day working on some more prints in the very quiet studio.

We made a few more chine colle prints to wrap up the project. When we get back to Zea Mays Printmaking, we’ll print some more variations of the plates we made and create a couple of artists’ books. Sheldon and I are very pleased with our first ever printmaking collaboration.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through the streets, enjoying the beauty around us. Even if the museums are closed, there are incredible things to see everywhere you look. The aging walls are giant murals, the canals become abstract paintings as they reflect the architecture around them, statues up against a brilliant blue sky. Art is everywhere.

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