Printmaking in Venice

Tuesday, March 3

We taught our Photo Etching with Pronto Plates and BIG Ground workshop yesterday! Four students and three staff members braved the rain and the paranoia and came to the Scuola to learn a new technique. It was a blast! We set up the studio with stations for each step of the process and began by gathering around their communal table and getting to know one another. Alessia and Roberta translated. It was so much fun to hear my words in Italian. We brought prepared Pronto plates with us so that the students could learn the technique without worrying about imagery – so as soon as the introductions were over we jumped right in.

Half way through the workshop, we all stopped and gathered around the table for break time. Peter, one of the students, had baked mini-quiches for the class, Alessia shared some lovely almond cookies and brought out a bottle of sparkling wine! We sat around the table eating and drinking and conversing in Italian and English and hand gestures and laughter. What a delightful way to take a break. We’re told it’s a tradition at the Scuola.

After the break we printed the plates they had made and talked about how to create their own images on Pronto plates. We return this afternoon for part two!

We walked home in the rain, satisfied and tired. Ready for some hot food and a good rest.

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