Printmaking in Venice

Friday, February 28

It’s been many days since I’ve written. We’ve either been spending long days printing or out on the streets and coming back too tired to post. So here’s a recap.

We decided we would stick it out and make the best of the situation here. There’s much more panic online and in the news then there is on the streets and in the Scuola. It’s very quiet, but the locals are going about their daily business as best they can. My heart goes out to the Venetians. This winter they had devastating high waters, and now this virus scare. For a city that depends on tourism to survive these events hit really hard.

So on Tuesday it was back to the studio for us to do some more printing, this time adding multiple plate printing and chine colle to the mix. We’re working with a palette of colors inspired by the walls and the water of Venice.

We decided that we would spend Wednesday and Thursday roaming the streets, taking more pictures and doing a little shopping. Our small way of contributing to the local economy. We were able to enter the Chiesa della Madonna dell’Orto and see the Tintaretto paintings. Even if the museums are closed, the churches offer some exquisite art viewing opportunities.

We ventured into a part of Venice we hadn’t been to yet, and got the most expansive view of the lagoon to date.

Back at the Scuola on Friday to make a few more plates and prepare for our workshop! The Scuola will reopen on Monday and we will get to teach our workshop. We’re excited and relieved.

Besides Shel and myself, there are still two other artists in residence here at the Scuola. Victoria Goro-Rapoport is one who is here doing some incredibly detailed etching work. She is here from the University of Nebraska, where she teaches in the Printmaking department. They just hung a show of her prints in the gallery and the work is spectacular. Architectural, figurative, symbolic – and so skilled. It’s a real pleasure to spend time with the prints and the artist.

Victoria Goro-Rapoport

So here we are – enjoying this city and the warm and wonderful people of the Scuola and trying not to read the news too often and worry about the potential of being held in quarantine at Logan airport when we return. We’ll spend the weekend printing some more, teach on Monday and Thursday and then hopefully get to see some of the museums when they reopen next week. We’re washing our hands countless times each day and following all the safety advice. The rest is out of our control.

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