Printmaking in Venice

Thursday, March 5

This evening we were invited to participate in a reading commemorating the Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here Project. This project was begun by Beau Beausoleil in San Francisco as a response to the 2005 bombing of the street in Baghdad that was home to book sellers, creatives and intellectuals. The responses took the form of poems, prose, broadsides, and prints. Many of us at Zea Mays Printmaking contributed prints to the project in 2015.

Each year, on March 5th (the anniversary of the bombing), groups gather around the world to read aloud to one another, to reaffirm creativity, to sit in solidarity. We are so fortunate that we were here, in Venice on this date and invited to participate in the reading organized by our beloved Roberta Feoli at the Palazzo Dandola, where we are staying.

We all gathered around the enormous table in the large salon (which is normally the site of Matilde Dolcetti’s watercolor class), under the Murano glass chandeliers and listened to poems, stories, and historical excerpts in Italian, Spanish and English.

There were tears, and laughter and of course, wine and chocolates that came in a box shaped like a book! This is a memory we will cherish all of our lives.

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